North American Chinese Letters/Covers

These old letters and covers are great examples of Chinese handwriting caligraphy. They are also interesting pieces of history.

Wells Fargo cover to Quong Sing, Weaverville pre-1900, front and back:

Wells Fargo cover (1885) to Wah Hing, Sacramento, Ca, from Marysville, Ca

Wells Fargo cover to Bing Chung, Salmon Forks pre 1900, Ca

Letter to Bing Chung in the above Wells Fargo cover---

Cover to Stanley, BC, currently a ghost town with perhaps one building standing. UPDATE: I drove through Stanley recently and noted two buildings--- one now under renovation. Also the old Stanley graveyard has been cleaned up. Cancelled at Quesnelle (now spelled Quesnel) in 1898, to Hock Kee:

Front and bacik of cover from North Portal, Assiniboia 1899 to Muncie Indiana addressed to Sam Sing Lee.

These are pieces of a letter or manuscript found stuck in the wall of an old fallen down log cabin. They were varnished onto shingles to preserve them as they were very fragile.

Old letter on thin tissue paper:

Old unstamped cover with letter(different from the one shown above). Red letter pages from Weaverville cover.

Airmail cover from Canton, China to Kamloops, BC-- received in Falkland, BC:

Airmail cover from Canton, China to Kamloops, BC:

Lee family of Pittsfield, Mass. registered cover from Wing Lung & Co., Montreal dated 1929. Click on the cover to see several other covers and contents re. the Lee family.

Two western covers----1910 registered merchant cover from Boise Idaho to San Francisco's Chinatown.

Front of 1918 registered merchant cover from Topliff, Utah to San Francisco's Chinatown.

Back of Topliff cover---

1921 cover from Tung Chung, Chinese Provisioner in Kern City, Ca to Ng Shung Fong, Los Angeles, Ca: Front of cover---

Back of cover---

1908 cover from Sonora, Mexico to Wing Tai Lung Wo R---, Oakland Ca: front of cover

Back of cover---

1926 United Publishing Co. cover from San Francisco with flier, Ca to Tong Yan Tong, Oakland, CA:

The flier from above cover:

1922 Chang Wah Co, Stockton Ca Express post cover to Fresno, Ca:

1914 registered cover Ilwaco, Wa to Portland, Or

Back of Ilwaco cover

1920 Twin Wo Company cover from Wing Wah Ch_ng Chinese Grocery, St Paul, Minnesota:

1926 Lee Eng Co. cover from Chu Bros., Toronto.

Letter contained in Lee Eng Co. envelope-- an example of beautiful penmanship!

And just for fun----- The Oriental Tea Company, Boston, Mass.

This is a photo of the inside of The Oriental Tea Company store in Boston taken from an image on the internet. This image on the internet is free to copy as the copyright time limitations have expired (see original). The original can be seen at: Original Photo. What a fantastic tea store!

Advertising Cover with US 114 stamp issued 1869, and in the collection---