Double Bubble Bottle Story

Many years ago a group of us were on the south side of the Chilcotin River (in South Central BC) heading down to the junction of the Chilcotin with the Fraser River where there had been an old trading post or mile house at one time, now just some old ruins of cabins and the possibility of finding relics. We stopped at an old homestead area and walked through a field where there had been buildings at one time. I was ahead and my sister-in-law, Jean, was following with her husband Roy not far behind. I heard an exclamation from Jean and turned to see what it was about and she had just kicked up a small bottle. I had just stepped over it! It was a rare Chinese double bubble. That bottle went into Roy's collection and it was several years before I was able to find one for my own collection. Still it was an exciting find.

One wonders if there had been Chinese present at that homestead or ranch or if the ranchers there had been making use of Chinese medicine. There could have been a Chinese cook or cowboy on a ranch or possibly the empty bottle had simply been discarded by a passer-by.