Lee Family Covers and Letters

I recently acquired several covers and letters from a stamp dealer that once belonged to the Lee family of Pittsfield, Mass., USA. Three of the covers had contents, but it is not known if the contents are in their corresponding envelopes. Two striped China covers were included. These covers and letters are 80 years old and fragile. The main reason for collecting old covers and letters is the beautiful caligraphy. Further, letters can provide a a future source of research material if they are preserved.

For completion on this page I have included the Canadian cover from the main page.

1929 registered cover from Wing Lung & Co., Montreal, to Jim Lee.

Loose letter on tissue paper that may have been in this cover or one of the others---

1927 cover from Tuck High & Co. New York, to Joe Lee.

Contents of the Tuck High letter to Joe Lee.

Covers from See Lee, Canton China to Joe Lee and Jim Lee.

China cover to Lee Poy.

Contents of the Lee Poy cover.

Two striped China covers--- no contents. These were in the lot but it is not known if they are Lee family items or not.