Opium cans and lids

There are 4 rectangular opium cans in my own collection. Three of the brand names on the cans are Lai Yuen-- the high grade variety of opium from Hong Kong Island. The fourth brand is Tai Shun, from Victoria, BC. The Tai Shun can still has remnants of the red paper label that typically covered all these cans. The two sides of this can are shown here:

Here are the two brand seals:

1. Lai Yuen2.Tai Shun

The other opium cans in my collection are 3 oval cans from Macao. These are from a later period than the rectangular cans, the early to mid 1900s. Two of these are Fock Kee rooster brand cans, the other is a Sing Kee brand. There are also 2 end pieces. One showing a rooster and one a LAM KEE brand. There are some references on the internet to Lam Kee opium and rooster brand opium; ie, US Bureau of Narcotics 1941 report, pages 6-8. Roy has the rest of these cans from the original lot we obtained but they are pretty corroded.

Blow ups of the end pieces----

Lam Kee Macao

rooster brand

The three cans----

Sing Kee brand

Fock Kee rooster brand

rooster brand

Here are 3 lids I recently obtained (January 2010). They were found years ago in the Grants Pass area in Oregon in an old Chinese railroad camp and have been in a collection since then. It is interesting that the collector had no idea what these were and thought they were a kind of gambling chip!

Hong Kong Central Chi Wo Cheung brand

Fook Duk brand

Lai Yuen brand

Recently added (2017)

Lai Yuen Shang Fu Long brand

Xianggang Hop Lung brand

Huan Shang Lai Chang brand

Fook Lung brand