Inks, printing, caligraphy and art.

Ink boxes-- The metal ink boxes contain a kind of hard ink paste. When the ceramic ink boxes are found in a dig the top piece is seldom found intact. This ink paste box bottom piece was uncovered in a Vancouver Island dig. The green bowl was used to grind ink. This bowl came from Vancouver Island.

Ink stones, some in boxes, were used to mix ink with water in preparation for writing.

A bamboo brush holder with bamboo brushes. The metal tip protectors are seldom found.


Cork top ink bottles-- all have characters on the top and/or front. The emerald green bottle came from the Merrit BC Chinese dump. The bottle third from the right is identified as Heung Yuen Ink Co.

Pottery and ceramic inks-- pottery ink masters from BC and Arizona-- the middle sized one came from Arizona and the shorter one came from the Vancouver Chinatown dig. The small pottery brown ink is of western origin but was found in the Yale, BC Chinese dump, so had Chinese usage. Ink masters were used to hold liquid ink which was then poured into small ink bottles for use. You can see the pouring spouts on the masters. The blue and white bottles may have held ink or were brush wash bottles. The one on the left has a sweet pea design.

Screw top inks from the Kwong Yune Co. The one on the left is an emerald green glass bottle.

Ink stamps and a seal in a horn box. The front compartment of the little box has a wad of string which was soaked in the ink paste.

This wooden box contains small ink stamps in individual cells. I have been told that it was used for a lottery game but have not verified that yet. It came from Victoria, BC's Chinatown.

A wooden tray of printing press characters from an old San Francisco Chinese newspaper-- the brass molds are for individual lead characters.

I once saw a picture of a Chinese caligrapher bent over his work wearing spectacles exactly like these! Eye glasses with case--

A long bamboo piece on the museum room wall:

Framed old Chinese paintings in my home. These were bought in an auction in 1976.