Manuscripts, letters and other paper items

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Letters and covers.

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A complimentary blotter from The New Chinese Hand Laundry:

A complimentary blotter from The George Sam Hand Laundry:

Laundry receipt from 1889, front and back:

Laundry card, front and back:

Business card:

Virginia City, Nevada, Fan Tan gambling license for Ti Lee dated 1886. Its interesting that the printing has faded far more than the ink.

Manuscript about the Chinese Taoist Temple of San Francisco:

Old box from Bow On Tong Co. store in Vancouver's Chinatown, at 13 Pender St. West.

Three books-- Found in old local antique stores in British Columbia 25 years ago. The small red book is a Chiu Yick English-Chinese dictionary.

The Canadian Bank of Commerce account book with entries January 1932-- Chinese account.

These pages are part of a lot of similar papers found in the wall of an old cabin near Quesnel BC, stuffed between the logs. They were very fragile so the man who found them varnished them on several shingles. I obtained one shingle. They were recently examined by a curator of the Royal BC Museum who identified them as ledger entries from 1893-1895.


This photo was taken in the Yucho Chow Studio, 518 Main St. Vancouver, BC. The writing indicates that it is a group of clergymen but no other identification is made. Yucho Chow Studios was one of two Chinese portrait studios in Vancouver during the early 1900s. This photo is not dated. It was difficult to get a picture of this photograph as it is too large for the scanner.

The Quesnel Forks Tong House as it appeared in 1949. On the left is Quesnel Forks then resident Lim Sing with an unidentified friend. This photo was given to me by Dave Faulkner, a resident of the Likely-Horsefly area in central BC who was instrumental in preserving pioneer graves and graveyards both Chinese and other all over the area. He personally rebuilt the Quesnel Forks pioneer graveyard.


Immigration Certificate dated 1918-- front:

-- reverse:

Immigration Certificate dated 1924-- front:

-- reverse:

Chinese Consular (Vancouver, BC) Certificate dated 1943: